MOM: How is the band going?

ME: Ughhhh, all I do is work…

MOM: Well, this is a sign probably, you might have to pack in the band.

ME: I know, no time, all I do is work… time to quit some jobs.

MOM: No, no, no Mikey. You need your work, you always need something to fall back on. Like that Mee-ah-yum, My-a-la… Beeyo, Bee-ah..

ME: Oh yeah, from the Nerd Show.

MOM: Yeah, Blossom. That show is done after this year. But she has her PhD, she has something to fall back on. You need to have something to fall back on.

ME: Yeah, but all I do is work now… terrible-garbage.

MOM: Well you don’t have a RockStar career until you get discovered.

ME: Yeah, yeah, I know.

MOM: You need to be discovered, like Beiber, you need to do a YouTube. See if you can get him in it.

ME: Ha! I just don’t think he would be up for that.

MOM: Maybe, but you need to be discovered. OR, you could do a farewell tour. People will hear about it, and think; ‘Huh, they must’ve been some something.’

ME: Noice. I like it, we could totally do a farewell tour.

MOM: Yes, and then be done with it.

ME: No. no, this will be our chance to make it big, and have reunion tours. We could re-become a hit!

MOM: Well maybe, but for now, how about you just focus on work.

ME: No, no, this is good we can work with this. And I can quit some jobs, and Damen and I could try to start playing again!

MOM: Ohhhh, Mikey….

ME: Mom, I talked to Damen, and he likes your Farewell tour plan.

MOM: See Mikey, I have good ideas.

ME: True, but we don’t know what band name to go with. Do we go back to the original, “Call me Jimmie”, or our new Band Name, “Saint Michael and the Dirty Shirt”?

MOM: Well these are decisions you have to make. Poor Andrew, he probably wonders why you won’t leave him alone… And his wife, she’s probably going to have to start screening your calls soon.

ME: Mom! We haven’t practiced all summer!

MOM: Well, you have no gigs. All the places you could play are closed; the Anchor, the old Arena…

ME: I need to quit work, so I can focus on the RockStar career.

MOM: Mikey, don’t quit work. You’re not going to make it as a RockStar. Sometimes you need a reality check.

ME: We still have a chance, I just need to quit all 4 jobs, and take music lessons! And focus.

MOM: Ohhh, Mikey…. I suppose. You do need to take piano lessons, and play Moonlight Sonata by Christmas.

ME: Who needs the reality check now?! But when can I take lessons, all I do is work. I want to take guitar, and piano, and Accordion!

MOM: Amanda, has one of those in her basement.

ME: No, I have it now!! And it matches my guitar perfectly! They look sweet.

MOM: Well, there you go, you need a band photo with both.

ME: Yeah, we could do it in my RockStar corner.

MOM: Yes, you could. Do you have a cardboard cut-out of Beiber?

ME: What?!?!

MOM: You know, you could add him to your pic.

ME: Yes, I could, or maybe I could get him to come over, he’s just moving in down the road, in Cambridge. I’m sure he’d be down with that.

MOM: Yes, you could. I gave him a Toonie back when he was just a little punk playing in Stratford.

ME: Okay, next time I’ll see him, I’ll let him know he owes us one.