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Mike Bitton was a PhD candidate at Louisiana State University, racing for both the LSU Cyling and LSU Triathlon teams.  On a training ride he was hit by a large truck and left for dead in the ditch.  Fortunately, fellow cyclists found him, and paramedics, ER room doctors, surgeons, and nurses miraculosuly kept him alive. In the ditch, in the ambulance, in the ER, and in ICU. Mike fought for his life, but never could've done it without amazing medical care.  But Mike's real battle was to just be himself again -  In testament to his hard work, dedication, and his never ending drive to achieve his goal, of being himself again, despite his brain injuries, shattered vertebrae, etc.,etc.. With the help of many, he beat the odds and achieved more than anybody could have ever expected.

Mike would love to come share his story of perserverance with your students and groups.  For information about speaking engagements, please e-mail Mike at mike@mikebitton.com to schedule appointments.

 Mike's Experience:
B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa
OCT Member in Good Standing #466732
Spoken to Elementary School Students Grade 3-8,
Secondary School Grades 9-12,
University Classes
Community Events

Goal setting, Achieving Goals
Bicycle Safety
Blood Drive Promotion
Anti-Drinking and Driving


"I’m not quite sure how he did it. His confidence must have dropped, and I’m sure that he would have be scared to try new things. By being such a strong and brave person, he found a way to live each day with a bright, loving attitude."
Megan, Elementary School Student

"At first i did not know what would happen to you but now that i heard of your miraculous recovery it actually changed my life
Jordan, Elementary School Student

"He shares his story and inspires people all of the time. He tells people to never give up, even in awful situations. He shows people to not give up hope, and to remember that if you set your mind to something, you can do it.Thank you Mike, for being so strong, positive, and inspiring. Truly one of a kind."
Shannon, Elementary School Student

he is the symbol of hope. When they see him or think about him they know that they can do anything. All they have to do if put the work and the effort in it.
Claire, Elementary School Student

"He is a hero and an inspiration. His story is legendary. He is Mike Bitton and he did an Ironman."
Nikita, Elementary School Student

"Mike shares a powerful and emotional story of near dealth experience and his fight to regain his life; highlighting the strength of the human spirit, the power of family and community, and the determination to triumph over tragedy."
Cherie, High School Teacher and Department Head

"M - movtivator
I - inspirational
C - charismatic
H - honesty
A - amazing
E - educator
L - loyalty

B - believer
I - integrity
T - tremendously
T - tough
O - optimistic

Cathy, EA, High School Basketball Coach

For more information and links about Mike, please visit this site with more information about Mike's story.

Sample media:

Mike's CRPC Bicycle Safety Commercial - HERE.
CRPC Cycling Safety Top Ten List, Print Ad - HERE.
Motivational & Bike Safety talks at Listowel schools, KW-Record, October - HERE.
Recovery / Ironman Goal / Speaking to North Perth Schools, Listowel Banner - HERE.


















Michael Bitton
BSc, BEd, MES, PhD
canfitpro Personal Training Specialist,
Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach,
NCCP Community Triathlon Coach,
Wannabe Rock'n'Roller,
and an alright dude.



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