Our Approach

The "Bear"

Let's face it, she's way better to look at!  The Bear (aka Tallulah, aka Luler, aka The Beast, aka Tallulah Briere, aka Dog, aka Beastorm etc.) runs my apartment.  She's a 120 pound Registered Therapy Dog in the States (registered for me,) but I share the wealth of the most lovable and loving dog ever.  She often volunteers for The Delton Glebe and Laurier for events on campus.  She is the best.

Most people that 'know' me, merely just know me as Bear's owner, and I'm good with that!

Our Story


I was born and raised in the booming Metropolis of Listowel, Ontario, Canada, more commonly known as "Letterkenny".  (Yes, I'm from Jared Keeso's hometown that the show is based off of.)  Unfortunately, I'm best known for being wiped out on my bike, and kinda died a couple of times, but in town, I'm Mr. B's kid that got hit.  And in Louisiana, I'm that LSU Cyclist that got hit.

For a long-winded teacher, you would think I'd have lots to say about myself...  I have a bunch of letters after my name, and also my Personal Training Specialist certification, and several associated courses under my belt.  Ummm, I wish I was a rockstar! I guess if I read more I could write a book.  But, I don't.

Turcs and J-Dub wanted a shout out.  Done.