Please contact me if you have any questions not answered below.  I will reply as soon as I can!

How do I set up a speaking engagement with you?

Please contact me!  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule!  I will gladly come share with my story with your group and tailor my talk based on your timing, the lcoation, and who I may be speaking to, and a special emphasis on what your group would like to hear.

Do you have a sample of one of your talks I can view?

Unfortunately, I do not have a full talk recorded.  I am working on getting a clip from one talk, and you can view some shots from a talk, and testimonials, in the "Mike Bitton Story" link of the home page, or HERE.

Are you accepting Personal Training Clients?

Unfortunately, no.  I hope to have Open Bootcamps starting up again in June 2019.  Please let me know if you'll be interested!

Can I have your dog?

No.  Without question, my response is a "Hard No".

What are your certifications?

canfitpro Personal Training Specialist, canfitpro Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, canfitpro Active Aging Certificate, NCCP Community Training  Coach, Schwinn Cycling Coach, Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR, Lifesaving Society First Aid, BSc BEd MES PhD.

Can I have your dog?

No.  I already said No!