ME: Mom, mom, mom, mom, guess what I just rented!

MOM: Oh no, what? What did you do?

ME: A bass!

MOM: A bass? Like a drum, or a guitar, or a…

ME: A bass, like an acoustic bass guitar.

MOM: Rented – for what reason?

ME: To rock.

MOM: What for? How long for? Why?

ME: For a month. To learn the bass.

MOM: Okay, okay. I was watching a show this morning, and it was all these picture in their house, but they were all with a Bernese Mountain Dog, and even the wedding photo, it was waist down to focus on the dog. So many Bernese photos.. It’s nice outside though, I’m going for a walk. How much was the bass?

ME: 20 for the month. It was a Long and McQuade Insider deal.

MOM: So, in 1 month you’ll be able to record a song.

ME: Uhh, sure. On it.MOM: How’s piano coming? Did you learn that song I told you to learn?ME: Moonlight… umm, no.

MOM: Well at least the sun is shining.

ME: Do you think I could become a bass player.

MOM: Mikey, I can’t even tell the difference, what is the difference?

ME: Lower notes.

MOM: So, like the boom boom boom, okay. I don’t know… You’re not taping any of this are you? Why don’t you learn that Monkey song?

ME: Oh, is that that song that Simon or Noah might’ve made me listen to? Or Pauline’s daughters?

MOM: Yeah, that’s it. I’ll listen to it, and you can learn the bass for the Monkey song.