Bill and Ted: 3 of 3


MOM: Hello Mikey.

ME: Hello Mother.

MOM: And how are you?

ME: Mom, mom, mom, just check your email, and then call me back.


MOM: Mikey, is that you Mikey.

ME: Yes Mother, you called me.

MOM: Yes, yes. Um Mikey, I don’t know… I kind of believed you. That was something. You know, I didn’t not believe you. It was just kind of cloudy. You know.

ME: But, do you believe me now?

MOM: Yes, well, so that is you. And how did you do this? And you said you didn’t know. Did you apply, and they asked you, or…

ME: I submitted the video files, and then yeah, I didn’t know if they’d use me.

MOM: But you are in it.

ME: Yes.

MOM: Well, Noni [my sister Amanda] and I will have to watch it now. Noni showed it to her class. She said she could rent it on her TV. So maybe we can all watch it. Do we have to get you and Pauline a red carpet? I guess we should. We’ll have to get banners, and some big lights for the red carpet for you. Did you tell everyone you know. Did you tell Andrew Damen?

ME: Yeah, I told him.

MOM: Did he believe you? What did he say?

ME: Yes, he believed me. He thought it was pretty cool.

MOM: Did you tell everyone you know?

ME: Nah, I just think him and James and Jordana I work with.MOM: Well, I tell everyone, I’m not really sure how. I’ll tell Amanda and Newtie and Bo, I told them to watch E.T. But forget E.T., they should watch Bill and Ted now.

ME: Will they believe me?

MOM: Mikey, you know, I was in the realm of believing you.

ME: Fair.

MOM: Yes, I was in the realm of believing you – you know. You could’ve just spliced it in or something.

ME: True, true. But, I can’t splice it into Amanda renting it digitally.

MOM: You, know you, Mikey.

ME: Well, I’m glad you believe me now.

MOM: Well, yes, I guess. We’ll have to see if the Theatre can show it, since a local is in it. Move over Jared Keeso, Mikey was in a Big Movie, he was in Bill and Ted. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the red carpet.

ME: Oh, one more thing, check that link I sent you also.

MOM: Okay, it is a YouTube, I can put it on the screen.

ME: K. Watch it, I’ll hold.

MOM: Okay yes, yes … …Guinness record, yes… … Oh, there’s you and Lula!… …And there you are again!…

ME: And a little tiny one of me. Believe me now?

MOM: Well, it’s all kind of cloudy with you.


>Then Pauline talking to my mom, I only hear Pauline’s side<

P: No, I question him all the time too.

P: No no, you never know with him.

P: No we are still working with designers, we haven’t decided who we’ll wear.


MOM: Well Mikey, good for you I guess.

ME: Thanks Mom. Aren’t you proud of me?

MOM: Yes, I’m proud of you I guess.

(Pictures I took of the screen during the movie, and a couple clips of our raw footage – at the very end I am right above the “E” in “THE” – the other usses are on the screen there somewhere.)

ME with the (not real) Les Paul, and near the bottom right Pauline on the Les Paul and me totally rockin’ the Melodica. That’s possible right… me rockin’ a melodica?
For real, that is me above the “E” in “THE”!