Officially Amazing


Phone call to my mom…

MOM: Hello?

ME: Aren’t you proud of me mom?!?!

MOM: Mikey. Mikey. Yes, that’s all well and good, but Mikey, Mikey, you won’t even put up your PhD. Where is it Mikey? Mikey, it’s nothing, it’s Air Guitar, but you got a PhD isn’t that more important to you? Have you no pride? And Mikey…. Mikey, you have a PhD?!? Air Guitar? Oohhhhh Mikey, but, but… I don’t get it…

ME: Mom, this is way cooler.

MOM: Oh, Mikey. But, but… Mikey, can’t you put up your PhD. Just put up your PhD… Mikey. Ohhh… Did they send Pauline one too?

ME: No man, I ordered it. And she can’t get one – she was just in the movie with me. She wasn’t part of the World Record.

MOM: Mikey… Mikey… ohhhhh…

<exasperated sigh>

How’s Luler?