Slight punch


<< Canadian Thanksgiving edition…? …eh? >>

MOM:  … But you deleted my flower pictures, how will I get famous.

ME: Mom mom mom, but mom, you don’t need to worry about being famous – just because of your flower pictures. You’re already famous on Facebook.

MOM: I heard. Monica <my Aunt> told me.

ME: hahahah

MOM:  Then Rose Mary <another Aunt> heard about it.  Mikey, I think there is some law you’re breaking by not telling me that this conversation might be taped.

ME: What? I just posted something to Facebook, something we talked … our conversation.

MOM: But when?

ME: Like a couple weeks ago.

MOM: I know. I heard. Yes, I hear it from…

ME: Sooo, you’re being famous!  Even if I deleted your photos. You’re on Facebook.

MOM: “Infamous” is more like it.

ME: Infamous.  And it’s on my web page.  But I haven’t updated it though.

MOM: Well, just leave your web page alone, because –

ME: Don’t you like being part of my blog?!  Maybe I’ll be a famous Rockstar some day.

NOAH <my nephew>: You have a blog?

MOM: Why didn’t you do it to your father?

ME: Because he’s too normal. (laughter from all)

NOAH:  (to my mom) Yeah, you are out of the ordinary.  You were trying to kill me earlier.

MOM: Well, yeah..

ME:  Why were you trying to kill Noah?

MOM: Well I.. Well I… I’m sure he was saying something nasty to me. So I was just going to, but then dad stopped me… I was just chasing him up the stairs, and “You can’t kill Noah.  You can’t kill Noah.”  He yelled – don’t kill Noah’. Didn’t he Noah.  And well, I wasn’t going to kill Noah, you know I was just going to, you know, just a slight punch.