Bill and Ted: 2 of 3


MOM: …but you’re in it. You’re really in it [Bill and Ted Face The Music].

ME: Yes. I also broke a Guinness World Record this week, err last week.

MOM: Doing what?

ME: The most people playing guitar. I did it with the Bill and Ted movie people.

MOM: [laughing] And your name is going to be in the Guinness?

ME: I don’t know if they’ll list individual names… I don’t know how it works.

MOM: Well, how many were in it?

ME: I don’t know how many were doing it, but you have to be constantly playing and the Guinness people observe it all… … I think only 186 qualified.

MOM: Well, you think there’d be more that that. Noni, showed that to her class… I don’t know-

ME: Oh, “Excellent Adventure”

MOM: Yeah…

ME: It’s a good historical movie!

MOM: Historical? Historical? I don’t think so…

ME: bahh.

MOM: But anyway, Lula [Tallulah, aka Bear] looked very happy outside last night in the sun.

ME: But Mom! Aren’t you more impressed by this??!? This could kick off mine and Damen’s music careers.

MOM: Mikey, I keep thinking you are going to suck me in on this one.

ME: Mom! You must believe me!

MOM: Well, why wouldn’t you tell us you were going to be in it?

ME: Well, I didn’t know! Pauline is going to be in it too!MOM: Pauline is in it too? What is she doing in it?

ME: I’m playing guitar in one clip, and in another clip she is playing guitar and I’m playing Melodica. It is the same uses, but in a different timeline.

MOM: And she’s in it? Okay, okay… Well, I’m going to talk to Amanda [my sister, aka Noni] about this. Why are you laughing Mike?

ME: Well, it seems like you don’t believe me… I thought you would be all excited that this could kick off mine and Damen’s music career.

MOM: But Andrew’s not in it?

ME: No, he’s not. But, one of the members of St. Andre and Michelon is in it. Isn’t that enough?

MOM: Mikey, if you’re lying to me that’s not fair Mikey.

ME: Why won’t you believe me I’m in a major motion picture mom? I’m in it! Why won’t you believe me?

MOM: Well… anyway…. Why are you laughing Mikey?

ME: ‘Cause you don’t believe me!

MOM: Steve, [my dad] Mikey says he’s in Bill and Ted, and I don’t believe him. …I don’t know Mikey… I’m going on Dr. Google. Well, maybe just the regular Google lady and find out.

ME: Or you could just believe me.

MOM: I could just believe you, but I don’t.