Bill and Ted: 1 of 3


ME: … You could’ve seen Bill and Ted 3 Friday night?!!

MOM: Yeah, we had free coupons from Noni.

ME: So did you go?

MOM: No, no.

ME: How could you not go?! It was my Major Motion Picture debut!

MOM: You weren’t there Mikey, you weren’t on that screen.

ME: Yes, way.

MOM: Which one were you Mikey? Were you Bill, Ted?

ME: No mom, I was me. I played myself.

MOM: Mikey, you weren’t in it.

ME: Why do you refuse to believe with me?

MOM: Who told you that?

ME: I’m telling you that.

MOM: Okay, Mikey, Mikey, what scene were you in?

ME: At the closing scene during the closing credits. I was playing guitar and melodica.

MOM: Mikey! Mikey, now how would they have gotten that?

ME: I sent it to them!

MOM: Really?ME: Yes!

MOM: Mikey, Mikey, don’t try to fool your old mother.

ME: I’m not!MOM: Well, are you getting any money for this?

ME: No…


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Mike Bitton