Children’s book

In the ‘Towel (aka the ‘Kenny) for the closing of the old barn, and the opening of the OJ…

Me: “I’m thinking I should not take this job, and focus on the rockstar career.”

Mom: “Here we go again, okay, supply teach then, but not the rockstar career. ohhhhh Mikey. <She looks for help, and brings my dad into the conversation…> Should I just say “no” to the rockstar career?”

Dad: ” Well, if he doesn’t have a job again next semester, then he can do the rockstar career.”

Mom: “Well since you did get this job, how about a break from the rockstar career.”

Me: “Bahhh.”

Me: “Okay, what about this – instead of working, work on a rockstar career, and write a book?”

Dad: “After the term that you don’t have a job….” <interrupted by mom>
Mom: “And Mikey, and the thing is, oooohhhh, oh ohhhhhh…”

Me: “Why do you have no faith in me mom?”

Mom: “Well it’s not that Mikey, but you can’t even write letters Mikey. I just can’t even imagine… Mikey… Not that…”

Mom: “Tell someone your story. Maybe Noni can write your book.”

Me: “So you’re saying I can’t write myself a book?”

Mom: “Well, maybe a children’s book.”

Dad: “You’ve got a better shot with the music career…”

Me: “Is this because I don’t read?”

Mom: “Oooohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… (grumble grumble.)”