Don’t blow it…


Phone conversation with my mom…

ME: But mom, the band, what will happen to the Band?

MOM: I guess you have a distraction now. The band might have to break up. No farewell tour. Well, I guess no Intro-and-Farewel tour. Have you told Andrew yet? You should you know, talk to him.

ME: And say what, I have a Yoko Ono?

MOM: Well yeah. And then you’ll go get a hotel in Montreal. You should… And what about Jimmy? Is he going to invite you to play anymore, does he still play? Does he ask you guys to play?

ME: Well no, he knows we suck. I kinda was so bad – I closed a bar. And we literally have not practiced since that bar closed I think.

MOM: Yeah, and it never re-opened. Over a year ago now. I guess that’s Listowel.

ME: Do you think the girl will like me more if I get back in a band.

MOM: Ohhhh, I don’t know Mikey. Did she ask about all of your instruments? Mikey, can she play anything? Can she join your band? A nice looking girl like her, she could really help you out. Can she be the singer?

ME: Listen, as far as she knows, I can play them all! And she doesn’t need to know otherwise! For now, I might look cool.

MOM: Ohhhh, Mikey. That could ruin you. Well Simon and Noah <<my 7 and 10 year old nephews>> said; “Don’t blow it. She should be your girlfriend.”

ME: Yeah…

MOM: Mikey, mikey, mikey…