Old Man Band


<< continuation from last weekend >>

ME: So what do you think Andy Damen and I need to become successful rockstars?

MOM: Nothing, you’ve got it. BUT, I’d move to L.A., or Nashville, … then be discovered. But Mikey, maybe you need a good back-up singer, a girl.. that’s young.. and hip. Don’t you think Noni, they need a back-up singer, that’s young and pretty, and can sing …

…Yeah, and you get her band, then you and Andy don’t even have to play.

ME: So that’s the key to me being successful, is get a hot, good looking girl to sing, and her band, and then maybe I have a chance…

MOM: Maybe… but maybe then, and only then. You’re too old to be Boy Bands. I’m sorry Mike! Okay, okay, unless the change the whole definition and be Men Bands. “Old Man Band”. Start a new trend. … Mikey, I’m sorry, the time is gone. You could’ve been a Boy Band, but now you have to be an Old Man Band, I’m sorry.

ME: So, what? I’d have to like, sing and dance, like in a boy band?

MOM: Noni, what would you like to see in an Old Man Band?

SISTER (Noni): I would not like to see an Old Man Band.

MOM: Well, what would you like then?

SISTER: I don’t think I’d really like an Old Man Band.

MOM: Well what if they called them the Young Man Band.

SISTER: Then I’d be sadly sadly, ummm…

MOM: Shocked?

SISTER: Errrr, disappointed.

<< Then a pause to discuss ice flavours with nephews for ice cream cones >>

ME: Okay mom, okay, going back to the band, we know what the band needs to do, to be famous. But what do I need to do, to improve, to become a rockstar.

MOM: Nothing, you’re doing alright… maybe some skill level.

ME: So Mom and Noni, what do I need to be in a band and get a date?

MOM/SISTER Simultaneously: Oooooooo, uhhhh, hmmmm….. ahhhhhh….. mmmm….

MOM: Mikey, do you want an ice cream cone?