Me: “…And maybe we can go see Cutch play for dad’s birthday. And maybe I can play a song or two with him.”

Mom: Yes, you still need to get discovered. And play more. And you can put together the other shelf for dad’s birthday. But I thought you were coming Saturday.

Me: No mom, the email said Sunday.

Mom: Yes, that’s what your father said. But I thought it was Saturday. I have to re-read that email.

Me: Mom, are you going old and senile?

Mom: Ohhhh, Mikey, no I’m not going old and seeMile.

Me: See! You are, I might have to put you in a home soon!

Mom: No no no, old and and senile. And no, you can’t put me in a home. I’ve seen things, bad things happen in those places. You can’t put me in one of those until I have boxing lessons.

Me: What?!?!

Mom: Yeah, boxing, or kickboxing lessons or classes. You can’t put me in one of those yet. But for now, you take those music lessons, that’s a good idea, and maybe you can get discovered on April 12th. And learn how to play Moonlight Sonata.